Strategic Analysis & Studies

Market Entry Analysis

A market entry or location analysis goes beyond a potential analysis and examines not only the market and its competition but also the macroeconomic environment.


Upon request

KnowledgeAgent analyses how an effective market entry in a target country can take place. For this purpose we take into account the target market and its competition. Our customers receive a detailed analysis of the market’s competitors, products and customers, in addition to suppliers, cost structures and investment climate. Under consideration of the socio-economic framework, we can derive short-term growth scenarios for our customers.

We answer these questions:

  • What underlying conditions allow the development of a new manufacturing or sales operation?
  • Are there existing companies of which the acquisition would allow a market entry?
  • What are the financing conditions of the specified market or country?
  • Are there existing supplier industries?
  • Which regulatory preconditions could affect market entry?