Strategic Analysis & Studies

Strategic Competitor Analysis

Are you informed about your competitors‘ strategies? Our detailed analyses reveal how your competition plans to grow and deliver information with which you can derive your corporate strategy.


4 days and up

KnowledgeAgent’s research team thoroughly analyses your competitive environment in order to give you valuable insight into your competitors‘ strategies. We address your competitors‘ location strategy regarding manufacturing, research and sales. Our analysts examine the product development and innovation strategy. Especially in markets characterized by consolidation, KnowledgeAgent’s research team can shed light on the mergers and acquisitions of your competitors.

We answer these questions:

  • What new products are on the market and how are they sold?
  • Which innovation strategy is the competition executing?
  • Are there ongoing consolidation processes in the market and what is the investment strategy of the competition?
  • Which new markets is the competition entering and what is their location strategy?

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