Monitoring over time generates new expertise. KnowledgeAgent takes over the periodic updating of analyses so you never miss an important development.


Upon request

KnowledgeAgent regularly updates the results of your analysis and can expand on them to include new lines of questioning. Monitoring allows market developments to be examined over time. Complementarily, KnowledgeAgent develops indices, scoring models and KPIs in order to present the most important developments at first glance. Upon request, the results of our monitoring analysis can be summarized in a yearly white paper and expanded to assess new perspectives.

We provide these advantages!

  • Monitoring regularly informs decision makers about new products and changes in the marketplace
  • Monitoring is useful for developing new perspectives and lines of questioning
  • Monitoring helps our customers review their mid- and long term objectives using KPIs and Indices
  • Observation of market competitors by means of scoring with current data

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